Four key questions underpin this architectural enquiry:

  • What could a place to inspire patients and staff look like?
  • How can a building foster communication between the sick and the healthy?
  • What are the choices we have about our environment and how do they affect our behaviour and health?
  • Can we promote self-care and create access to medical care through building design?

Six GP surgeries were identified in the Brighton area with diverse building histories and patient groups. Their structural design and patterns of habitation were recorded and mapped. Working closely with practice managers we were able to develop an intimate understanding of the day-to-day challenges experienced by staff and patients in each of these buildings. Additional input from doctors, administrators and patients was gathered through informal conversation, observation, interviews and patient surveying.


The project was further informed by contact with a number of external clinical and creative professionals whose insights into design regulations, ethics and community health were invaluable.

This process of investigation resulted in eight design proposals. Each one represents a principled vision for an improved clinical environment. These designs focus on enriching solutions, which are grounded in the real world.